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Actress Ellen Page speech. No more closet.

I don’t really know the names and faces of most celebs as I don’t have that interest. Ellen Page is another who I do not know. I am sure that I have seen her in movies and most likely enjoyed her acting but like other celebs, I do not know her.

Speaking at a Human Rights conference, Ellen touches on the harm done to people by treating them less than for being homosexual. Amongst youth especially. Ellen also touches on the topic of the entertainment industry telling us how to live and dress and that it has also affected her. Look incredibly nervous, Ellen tells the audience that she is gay and that hiding who and what she is as a person has effected her emotionally and spiritually.

A shame that these matters have be pushed and hidden in this day and age. If only people could just be without all the silly labels.


Guardian Article – Actress Ellen Page comes out in speech to Human Rights Campaign event

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In Support of Equality – LGBT


In the news a lot lately in Australia has been the issue of marriage equality for members of the LGBT communities. Well, longer than just lately but for months. Also in the news lately in New South Wales is the matter of private schools being exempt rrom the Discrimination Act so they can expel students for being anything but heterosexual due to ‘religious’ beliefs.

I am sick of people using religion to push acts of bigotry. It makes them a special class of people who are above the law which is wrong.

This blog is motivated by a news article I came across today regarding the Australian Labor Party and how voters are reacting to them. Published on Wed Jun 23, 2010, Barry O’Farrell was still the Leader of the Opposition, trying to get himself elected as the Premier of New South Wales.

The fundamentalists Christian groups such as the Australian Christian Lobby(ACL) love to see themselves as the voice of Christians when in reality, they aren’t. They just claim to be. Just as many lobby groups claim to be the true representatives of the group they claim to represent. These groups carry on about Christians demanding a bigoted line against anybody they disagree with or lose the Christian vote.

I believe this to be utter bullshit because in the lead up to the NSW State Election, Barry O’Farrell was seen at a gay sauna and nobody cared. The Liberal/National Coalition led by Barry O’Farrell was elected with a large majority despite pushing their Christian ideals and despite their leader seen at a gay sauna.

So with voters being so uninterested and not offended, why are our politicians so scared of this so called ‘Christian block’ at elections?


“Apart from Barry O’Farrell being found by Channel Seven in a gay sauna, the only major event which could save the New South Wales ALP from the drubbing it seems to electors to deserve…”


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Reading Before Voting is Gay

Conservative Costa Rican MPS may have unwittingly approved language making same-sex unions legal.
They say that you should always read the contract before you sign. Well, it seems the same goes with reading before you vote.
You see, Conservative politicians controlling the Congress did not completely read what they were voting on and accidently voted same sex civil unions into law. Now they are upset and threatening legal action about bad law. Well, they voted for it.

“Conservative Costa Rican MPs are mortified that they may have accidentally approved language making same-sex unions legal when they passed a piece of legislation this week.

“President Laura Chinchilla on late Thursday signed the bill governing social services and marriage regulations for young people.

The mostly conservative members of Congress didn’t notice that the final version of the bill had changed earlier language that defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

“After realising they had approved a bill that “confers social rights and benefits of a civil union, free from discrimination,” the MPs asked Chinchilla to veto the new law. She has refused.

“Conservative MPs say they’ll launch a legal challenge to the new law which they say goes against family values.”


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My Response from the Sydney Morning Herald


Sydney Morning Herald

On the second of February, 2013, I sent an email to the Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald(SMH) about their article, “Bourke tops list: more dangerous than any country in the world”, which I viewed as written the context to further pursue the negative image of Aboriginals as drunks, criminals and violent people. I asked for the photos to be removed as they did not fit in with the context of the article. My blog on this matter can be found HERE.

The response I received from the SMH is as follows, dated 4 Feb, unedited;

Dear Earth,

Recently you contacted ReaderLink. The following outlines The Herald’s response:

Thank you for your email. The Sydney Morning Herald is a newspaper  that aims to bring readers current and reliable news from Australia and throughout the world around the clock. The story ‘Bourke tops list: more dangerous than any country in the world’ was part of a three-part series,  one story on Friday was on child sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities, one story on crime in Bourke running on p1 on Saturday and 1000 words on problems in the Aboriginal community running in News Review on Saturday. We believe we must agree to  disagree  that we are negatively stereotyping the Aboriginal community by doing this.  As one of the articles said, 80% of juveniles in prison in western NSW are Aboriginal. They are massively over-represented in crime statistics – a problem which the community realises itself. You are correct  that the photos were of Aboriginal kids who were doing nothing wrong. We wrote about this in the news review piece and commented that the fishing and hunting keeps them out of trouble. The photographs should have been uploaded on the story ‘Crying out for a new beginning”
We have corrected the inadvertent error.

Your interest in Herald Publications is appreciated and has provided us with valuable feedback.
Please quote 00177670 if you wish to contact ReaderLink again.

Ben & Peter


So that’s a good start, I believe. I am no crusader and this was the first time I have ever taken it up to the media to fix their mistake, not including the time a small local newspaper deliberately reworded a letter I had written in back in the early 90’s but that is an entirely different matter.

While I am not really happy with the wording of the article which I originally wrote about, I am not taking it any further. It could have been written much better such as mentioning that the article was part of a series of articles, not as a stand alone article of which it appeared as to me.

There are people here in Sydney who wonder why I came down here with words of respect for the Aboriginal peoples. I understand their viewpoint as they only time the media really wants to cover them is when they show crime or negligence of some kind. They are not shown that if a gainfully employed Aboriginal person lives in certain areas, they have half of their wages garnished by the Government and are treated as if they going to spend all of their money on booze, drugs and pornography then bash the living shit out of their family. Even if they are not doing any of this at all, that is how they are treated should they live in certain areas. Let’s be honest here. If were experiencing this, we would be protesting and yelling and screaming and abusing our politicians but when it’s the Australian Aboriginal peoples, we seem pretty keen to let them rot and blame them for their situation one hundred percent.

That’s not to say that I don’t believe in self responsibility. I do. I have seen some Aboriginal people do for themselves and some do well. You don’t see it shown by the media nor spoken of by the politicians and such but we do have successful middle class Aboriginals. Good on em. It is time though we stop putting up the barriers that restricts them. Not just the barriers fenced around them either but several other groups in this country which we love to demonise including single parents and those on the Disability Pension.


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