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The Truth About ‘Yeha-Noha’

From the blog, Brief Insights we get to see how we should not just believe something because it’s marketed to us even on a new age music label. I’m not saying they mislead for they probably received wrong information and took it on good faith.

It’s not about happiness and prosperity but a cheating owl in a ball game with a giant.

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Elton John. A humbling man.

Elton John has forever been my favourite musician since I was twelve years old. The more I watch him, the more I love his music and the man himself for who and what he is.

Here is a fundraising concert to fund the Elton John Scholarship for budding musicians to attend the same music academy that he attended. It is an amazing performance. One of the many things I admire about Elton is how he can easily step out of the light to shine it on upcoming musicians. Not many celebrities can do that.

Such a humbling man. Goddess bless him.

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