Bio: This is a blog of mixed information. I'm a father of four children living in Sydney, Australia after living in the tropics of Central Queensland for 8 years. As a parent in the days of living in fear of children receiving the simplest bruise, I do not like bubble wrapping children for I feel they need space to explore and make their own mistakes. Cuts and bruises, etc are part of growing up as they learning boundaries of life. I have Youtube channels called, "TheNakedWombat" which is about being silly, mostly. The second channel is, "NakedWombatStuff" which I started to try my hand at vlogging covering doing things with my family, political thought and whatever else pops up. I have movement disorders. One of them is a mild case of Tourette Syndrome which, like most people with TS, I do not have compulsive swearing both vocal and gestures. I also have Dystonia, Dyskensia and another which is undiagnosed. I will probably raise it occasionally. Can't say I won't raise political issues but am not the political dog I use to be as I have become a skeptic. I am not a religious person. I am not fond of organised religion but I am a spiritual person, best described as an animist with Teutonic leanings. Music. I love loads of music.

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