Reviewing the Abbott Government


Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott

Since the federal election held on 7 September, 2013 which saw Tony Abbott elected as the 28th Prime Minister of Australia and leader of the Liberal Party, which now effectively sits on the far right of the political spectrum with the current policies they hold, it is time to review this Government in point form.

  • Generous tax breaks for those on over $100K.
  • No income taxation for self funded retirees on over $100K.
  • Increasing/Reintroducing taxes on superannuation for those on low incomes only.
  • Senior Government Ministers traveling to weddings at the expense of the taxpayer.
  • Retrospective welfare cuts to those on Aged and Disability Pensions, forcing some onto the unemplyment benefit.
  • Considering the policy of stripping home owners of their homes if they seek Government help but only if you’re on a low income or the pension.
  • Looking at putting Medicare and Centrelink into the hands of Australia Post which they may be privatising, effectively privatising social welfare.
  • Reneged on NDIS which will go to Medibank Private which will be privatised, putting disability support scheme into the hands of an insurance company that will be privatised.
  • Refused operation to have bullets removed from the body of an asylum seekers which would have been at no cost to the Government.
  • Refused a 14 year old boy access to this father in hospital for cardiac arrest. Both being asylum seekers.
  • Responded to a young Vietnamese man who was bashed by Neo-Nazis by deporting him then banning him re-entry into Australia for three years. Department records are mysteriously now different to his Official records of his Student Visa.
  • Medibank Private introducing health cover for the family Doctor(GP) which would see private health cover costs increase and, force those without health cover to rely on an already over burdened A&E Department of our Public Hospitals.
  • Despite promising to let those on Government Pensions to keep their carbon tax offset, is looking likely to take it from pensioners even if the carbon tax remains.
  • Treasurer Joe Hockey ordered General Motors to get out of Australia. General Motors responded by announcing that all manufacturing in Australia will cease in a few years time creating thousands of unemployed directly. Who knows the number of indirect unemployment will be created by this action of the Government.
  • Allocating only 500ml of water daily to asylum seekers living in prison camps in the tropics north of Australia.
  • Threatening homosexual asylum seekers that they will be deported and that the Middle Eastern Government will be informed of their homosexuality on their return despite the harm that would do to the person.
  • Comparing the issue of ‘boat people’ to that of being ‘at war’.
  • Has begun retrospectively reviewed recipients eligility of those receiving the Aged and Disability Pensions and putting some on the unemployment benefit.
  • Endorsing the policies of the Liberal State Government of Queensland where all new public schools and hospitals will be on Church land and having the Church manage them. And the trial without evidence where the Attorney General decides which organisations are criminal without evidence, without trial, etc.
  • Ridiculed asylum seekers as not being good people because they aren’t Christians.
  • Refuses to distance itself from the comments of Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi who likens homosexuality to beastiality, who called for ‘Gold Class families’ instead of bad families including step-families, IVF pregnancies, single families, same sex families, etc who are apparently bad influences on children.
  • Abolished the Minister for Science and refuses to support any clean energy funding.
  • Abolished the Minister for the Aging, and the committee that was to help guide the Government on how to effectively deal with an aging population and all the suggestions/programs they proposed.
  • Abolished the Minister for Youth.
  • Abolished funding for Legal Aid for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
  • Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused to honour his promise to spend his first week as Prime Minister by staying at an Aboriginal camp for one week.
  • Royal Commissions being held on Child Abuse by the Church have serious findings against the Christian Churches such as prostituting children as young as nine years old to nursing homes to sexually please the aged – Government refuses to criticise but attacks asylum seekers as being bad for Australia for not being Christians.
  • Reneged on Gonski leaving many State Government schools without most of their promises Gonski funding already allocated to them.
  • Revoked the Federal Government’s power to have final say of projects that may harm the environment which will now see parts of the Great Barrier Reef dug up so ships carrying coal can fit without grounding, and to reach ports to be built on top of the coral reef despite the serious environmental damager and despite the fact that current ports are under utilised.
  • Spruiking the wonders of Margaret Thatcher’s policies for Australia despite the immense harm her Government caused. Note how thousands of people of the UK partied in the streets to celebrate her death.

As a former member of the Liberal Party of Australia(New South Wales) from 1992 to 1997, I am disgusted with the vile, callous, inhumane and Nazi like approach this mob has chosen to go in the direction of.

With every decision taken, the Abbott Government demonstrates that they are only representing the rich such as mining companies. Let’s hope people kick this dangerous and evil Government out come next election. I would prefer to see people act now by refusing to work across the nation until these evil policies are revoked and the Government resigns.

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  1. 1

    Ronniibee said,

    This disgusting excuse of a Prime Minister, is far too arrogant and egocentric to do the right thing by his country, or looking at it in another way, he is too chicken to go against Gina and Rupert, not to mention Peta .

  2. 2

    al murphy said,

    If you sent a letter addressed to “the Biggest uncaring Nazi Asshole in Australia” he’d get. What piece of shit!

  3. 4

    […] Reviewing the Abbott Government […]

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