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Australia’s Conservative Movement = Despotism in Australia

When you read the beliefs of Australia’s central conservative movement, the Liberal Party of Australia, one has to wonder if they’re reading the very website of the Governments they have been elected to govern.

We Believe:

In the inalienable rights and freedoms of all peoples; and we work towards a lean government that minimises interference in our daily lives; and maximises individual and private sector initiative

In government that nurtures and encourages its citizens through incentive, rather than putting limits on people through the punishing disincentives of burdensome taxes and the stifling structures of Labor’s corporate state and bureaucratic red tape.

In those most basic freedoms of parliamentary democracy – the freedom of thought, worship, speech and association.

In a just and humane society in which the importance of the family and the role of law and justice is maintained.

In equal opportunity for all Australians; and the encouragement and facilitation of wealth so that all may enjoy the highest possible standards of living, health, education and social justice.

That, wherever possible, government should not compete with an efficient private sector; and that businesses and individuals – not government – are the true creators of wealth and employment.

In preserving Australia’s natural beauty and the environment for future generations.

That our nation has a constructive role to play in maintaining world peace and democracy through alliance with other free nations.

In short, we simply believe in individual freedom and free enterprise; and if you share this belief, then ours is the Party for you.


Currently the Liberal Party is elected to govern the Australian Federal Government along with five States being Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia, along with the Northern Territory Government. Only South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory has the Liberal Party not been elected. The South Australian Parliament is currently a minority Parliament where a third party has decided who shall vote govern in that State All of these Liberal Party Governments are in their first term except for Western Australia where the Liberal Party are now in their second term in Office.

A lot has happened in the past two years and very quickly. Rampant corruption, removal of civil liberties, extreme laws to control the people, removing workers rights and protections, financially punishing the poor, telling manufacturing they aren’t wanted in Australia, abolishing the key roles of science in Government, propping up the role of the Christian Church, abandoning public health and education and so much more. Certainly this has to be a mistake for this is opposite to the Liberal Party belief system quoted above.

The Queensland Liberal National Government created Anti Association Laws where the State’s Attorney General, a politician, can make any organisation a criminal organistion. No Court trial or evidence required. Any association and you face 20 years prison as a dangerous prisoner in solitude. All you have to do is know someone even if they are a work mate. You could be put in prison for just knowing the person who is a member of such an organisation or was once a member in the past. Police can also strip search you in public without evidence or a reason required under other laws and, another law that just being more than three people together is enough to see you being viewed as a gang.

The Victorian Liberal Government is attempting the same now. A new Victorian Law can see a protester put in prison for up to two years. The Tasmanian Liberal Government is also now looking at doing this too.

In Queensland, the union movement is no longer allowed to speak out on any issue on behalf their members without a State wide referendum of their members, held by the Queensland Electoral Commission on every single issue. All to illegalise dissent.

The Western Australian Government is also considering strict laws that could see any group be listed as criminal without any trial.

Now, federally speaking, we saw the election of the Liberal National Coalition to the Australian Government. Their first actions included telling GM-Holden to get out of Australia, political witch hunts using the Police and Courts against their rivals began and several Minsterial Portfolios were abolished including; The Aged, Youth and Science. Yes, there is no Government Portfolio for Science any more. It is dead. And as science was removed from the fore, they have upped the importance the Christian Church.

In their first budget, funding for public education and health is being wound back but funding for Christian run schools and health have been given a healthy increase. The more elite the school, the more the conservatives return financial favour. Right at the time the Royal Commission into Child Abuse(created by the previous Gillard Labor Government) has been finding extreme abuse of children committed by the Christian organisations both in the past and still happening, the Abbott Government has decided to financially reward them and seek to have more children in the hands of child abusers at taxpayers expense.

With the Abbott Government’s first budget, they have moved to remove financial incentives from the average person, pensioners stand to lose over $1,000 per annum, people under 30 years old will be treated harshly if unemployed, new taxes and tax increases but not for the wealthy. No unemployment benefit if you are 25 and then up to 30, unemployed will receive six months of welfare assistance for every 12 months while expected to rent house, pay bills, eat, find a job and more. Again, the very wealthy are helped with the move to open up platforms for them to save on further taxation.

On top of all this, the Abbott Government where every single Government Minister is Catholic and must be a Catholic or they have no Ministerial role, lead by Tony Abbott who declared at least once that only Christians make good Australians, who is denying Muslims at prison refugees camps access to essential medicine and medical aids including operations to remove bullets from their bodies after fleeing persecution, a burns victim denied medicine for related injuries, who refuses to distance himself from Priests found to be abusing children and even gave one a character reference, who laughed and mocked an aged pensioner, who smirked when an aged pensioner said she has to work in the sexy industry to survive, to attacks dissent against his Government as being unAustralian…

Where does the Liberal Party philosophy as stated above reflect their Governments?

Now with the constant remove of rights and civil liberties including the Government stealing your assets if your dissent, Australians are now at the mercy of despots and there is only way to remove them. That is through the act of mass civil disobedience, violent revolution and the murder of those in power. I endorse it.

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A Voter’s Letter to Prime Minister Abbott Post Budget 2014

I found this open letter to the Prime Minister of Australia after delivering their first that basically liked you but only if you earn over $250K or a major corporation. It’s worth the read;


Dear Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey,


I’d like to start off this open letter by stating that I have never supported Labor, OR Liberal. Both parties are against my political ideal, and I feel that the Labor leadership battle left themselves in a mess to which you were able to take advantage. Kudos to you…credit where it is due. For this reason I do not need to hear any attempted rebuttals of “it is Labor’s fault”. Just like in the Disney film ‘Frozen’, “LET IT GO”.


This letter is in enquiry to the announcement of your 2014-15 Federal Budget. An announcement that you state is necessary to get the budget out of deficit and into surplus (a deficit that is the fourth lowest debt in the entire developed world, but a deficit nonetheless). You have both stated that it is time that Australians ‘tighten their belts’ because the time for ‘luxurious spending’ is over.


My first question to you is, what is ‘luxurious spending’? Spending money to support people with physical and mental disabilities that prevent them from working to support themselves? Funding low interest loans to allow young Australians to be able to choose and strive for a career that does not necessarily need to involve retail, manufacturing, hospitality or mining (not that there is anything wrong with those career choices. That is the great thing about Australia. We have choices.)? Spending money on education and health in order to keep Australian’s educated and healthy? Ensuring that all Australians that fall on hard times have the opportunity to get back on their feet (particularly if you are under 30)?


If so, you need to reevaluate your priorities. Luxury is renovating The Lodge for an ‘unspecified’ amount of money. Luxury is dressing your daughters in Moschino gowns for post-election galas. Luxury is having Rupert Murdoch on your side to propagate an unknowing Australian public into believing this is the only way out. Try to correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure even the Oxford English Dictionary would correct you on what is ‘luxurious spending’. I hear you went to Oxford once upon a time, Mr. Abbott. Shitting on your own dictionary. What class.


My second question to you is, why make cuts in these areas when there are so many other options available? Like the $7.4b you allocated towards defense and purchasing aircraft (did you read John Marsden’s ‘Tomorrow when the war began’, series and freaked the fuck out? It freaked me out…but not enough to spend $7.4b)? Like the distinct lack of taxes on the super rich? Like the fact that you have frozen your parliamentarian salaries for twelve months, only to give yourselves a $40k pay rise when the freeze lifts? Like the tax cuts you have given to big mining?


I acknowledge that mining is a huge part of the Australian economy. However, you need to remember that this industry has a use by date. Even if you had found a magical way to produce more coal (lets face it…I am still waiting for my acceptance letter from Hogwarts at the age of 27, so this is not going to happen), the renewable energy sector is internationally outpacing all other energy industries. Even China, our biggest trading partner of coal, is beginning to explore renewable energy options for their largest cities. In the appropriated words of Regina George, “stop trying to make coal happen”. Find a new industry to drive the economy.


And the taxes? I’m still trying to work out the plausibility of someone earning an income over $250 000 p.a being taxed (as a combination of the fuel excise increase, GP fee, etc) an extra $1492, when middle income families and the under 30’s unemployed will be slugged $4931 and $6944 from funding cuts respectively?

Whatever crazy pills you are taking to justify that, I want in. I will probably need them daily so I can attempt to feign nonchalance when I am thrown under the bus by your policies.


I should probably tell you a bit about myself so you can probably understand why I dislike you two so much right now. I am a high school teacher (back flipping on Gonski? Come on. You know my stereotype. We ‘love’ to strike. We can make your day very inconvenient when push comes to shove). I am currently on a year by year contract, working with students with behavioural needs. It is difficult to find permanency in a field that is awash with graduates, but I still love my job. And I do it damn well.


Inevitably, your cuts to Education mean that my position may and probably will come to an end sooner rather than later. I guess I could try and find another job? Oh wait…there is an 11.5% unemployment rate for people under the age of 30. I am 27. Shit balls. I guess I’ll have to go on Newstart to try and support myself in the meantime. Oh wait…I will not be able to get it for 6 months? Can I forward your contact number onto my Real Estate? I’m sure if you talk to them they will be totally understanding. I guess I could move back home…but my mother, a sole parent who works as a child care worker, earns an amount that is not sustainable to support me. She would not be able to (and should not have to) support me while I look for another job. I guess I could try and go for any old job I guess? Income is income, right? Thanks to my double degree, I am now overqualified for most advertised job positions in the job seeker sector.


Enough about me though, we should turn our focus back to Australia and ‘Australia’s good’. Which brings me to my third and final question for this letter. Thankfully, I do not need to be creative with this question, as it was asked by the ever sassy yet level headed host of the ‘7.30 Report’, Sarah Ferguson.

“Is it liberating for a politician to decide that election promises don’t matter?”


For someone who harped on about Julia Gillard breaking an election promise, you have broken several. So take a seat.


I doubt that this open letter will cause any change inside your frame of mind, but it is a channel of communication that I want the world to see.



An Australian voter you dislike.

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Illegalising Dissent in Australia

With wall to wall Liberal Party Governments being elected in such a short time, Austalians have quickly started to lose their rights and liberties.

In Queensland the Conservatives in power quickly struck by creating a law where the Attorney General can list groups, organisations, etc as being criminal organisations without a lick of evidence. No Court trials. No cause needed to be shown why. The laws are so tight if they a football organisation was listed, every member of the club would become criminals overnight and will go to prison and treated harsher than a murderer or rapist or child molester.

Now in the State of Victoria, the conservatives are about to make attending a rally a criminal offence. Despite the rally being legal, the Police can tell you to move on and fine you. You can even go to prison for up to two years for merely returning to the rally.

So here we are, Australia. A nation where our prisons can now be full of people for merely attending a protest. No wonder the conservative Prime Minister never said a thing at Remembrance Day and instead stood back having a yarn with his mates.

The Premier is introducing amendments to the Summary Offences Act to crack down on protests and remove the protection for Victorians’ right to peaceful assembly. 

Napthine’s Silencing Act: 

  • Removes protections for peaceful assembly
  • Up to two year imprisonment for persons returning to a banned protest or picket
  • Police and PSO discretion to ‘move on’ protests

We call on the Premier to reconsider the need for these amendments, given the overwhelmingly peaceful nature of Victoria’s protest movements.



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Reviewing the Abbott Government


Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott

Since the federal election held on 7 September, 2013 which saw Tony Abbott elected as the 28th Prime Minister of Australia and leader of the Liberal Party, which now effectively sits on the far right of the political spectrum with the current policies they hold, it is time to review this Government in point form.

  • Generous tax breaks for those on over $100K.
  • No income taxation for self funded retirees on over $100K.
  • Increasing/Reintroducing taxes on superannuation for those on low incomes only.
  • Senior Government Ministers traveling to weddings at the expense of the taxpayer.
  • Retrospective welfare cuts to those on Aged and Disability Pensions, forcing some onto the unemplyment benefit.
  • Considering the policy of stripping home owners of their homes if they seek Government help but only if you’re on a low income or the pension.
  • Looking at putting Medicare and Centrelink into the hands of Australia Post which they may be privatising, effectively privatising social welfare.
  • Reneged on NDIS which will go to Medibank Private which will be privatised, putting disability support scheme into the hands of an insurance company that will be privatised.
  • Refused operation to have bullets removed from the body of an asylum seekers which would have been at no cost to the Government.
  • Refused a 14 year old boy access to this father in hospital for cardiac arrest. Both being asylum seekers.
  • Responded to a young Vietnamese man who was bashed by Neo-Nazis by deporting him then banning him re-entry into Australia for three years. Department records are mysteriously now different to his Official records of his Student Visa.
  • Medibank Private introducing health cover for the family Doctor(GP) which would see private health cover costs increase and, force those without health cover to rely on an already over burdened A&E Department of our Public Hospitals.
  • Despite promising to let those on Government Pensions to keep their carbon tax offset, is looking likely to take it from pensioners even if the carbon tax remains.
  • Treasurer Joe Hockey ordered General Motors to get out of Australia. General Motors responded by announcing that all manufacturing in Australia will cease in a few years time creating thousands of unemployed directly. Who knows the number of indirect unemployment will be created by this action of the Government.
  • Allocating only 500ml of water daily to asylum seekers living in prison camps in the tropics north of Australia.
  • Threatening homosexual asylum seekers that they will be deported and that the Middle Eastern Government will be informed of their homosexuality on their return despite the harm that would do to the person.
  • Comparing the issue of ‘boat people’ to that of being ‘at war’.
  • Has begun retrospectively reviewed recipients eligility of those receiving the Aged and Disability Pensions and putting some on the unemployment benefit.
  • Endorsing the policies of the Liberal State Government of Queensland where all new public schools and hospitals will be on Church land and having the Church manage them. And the trial without evidence where the Attorney General decides which organisations are criminal without evidence, without trial, etc.
  • Ridiculed asylum seekers as not being good people because they aren’t Christians.
  • Refuses to distance itself from the comments of Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi who likens homosexuality to beastiality, who called for ‘Gold Class families’ instead of bad families including step-families, IVF pregnancies, single families, same sex families, etc who are apparently bad influences on children.
  • Abolished the Minister for Science and refuses to support any clean energy funding.
  • Abolished the Minister for the Aging, and the committee that was to help guide the Government on how to effectively deal with an aging population and all the suggestions/programs they proposed.
  • Abolished the Minister for Youth.
  • Abolished funding for Legal Aid for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
  • Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused to honour his promise to spend his first week as Prime Minister by staying at an Aboriginal camp for one week.
  • Royal Commissions being held on Child Abuse by the Church have serious findings against the Christian Churches such as prostituting children as young as nine years old to nursing homes to sexually please the aged – Government refuses to criticise but attacks asylum seekers as being bad for Australia for not being Christians.
  • Reneged on Gonski leaving many State Government schools without most of their promises Gonski funding already allocated to them.
  • Revoked the Federal Government’s power to have final say of projects that may harm the environment which will now see parts of the Great Barrier Reef dug up so ships carrying coal can fit without grounding, and to reach ports to be built on top of the coral reef despite the serious environmental damager and despite the fact that current ports are under utilised.
  • Spruiking the wonders of Margaret Thatcher’s policies for Australia despite the immense harm her Government caused. Note how thousands of people of the UK partied in the streets to celebrate her death.

As a former member of the Liberal Party of Australia(New South Wales) from 1992 to 1997, I am disgusted with the vile, callous, inhumane and Nazi like approach this mob has chosen to go in the direction of.

With every decision taken, the Abbott Government demonstrates that they are only representing the rich such as mining companies. Let’s hope people kick this dangerous and evil Government out come next election. I would prefer to see people act now by refusing to work across the nation until these evil policies are revoked and the Government resigns.

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Campbell Newman and Hating BiPolar People

Member for Redcliffe Scott Driscoll.

Member for Redcliffe Scott Driscoll. Photo: Glenn Hunt

The Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman has been making a name of himself by demonising groups of people and keen to list them as criminals. People who oppose are the Devil.

Now it seems that Campbell Newman and his Conservative Government dominated by the Christian Right are also against people who have mental health issues such as BiPolar. That might explain the quick slashing of funding for the disabled and, Newman’s sudden outbursts against Scott Driscoll.

Why are the Christian Right so heartless, soulless and mean spirited?

Scott Driscoll has revealed he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The Redcliffe MP, who has only made sporadic parliamentary appearances after allegations were made against him in regards to his business and lobby group dealings in March, wrote to the premier and disclosed his illness on Monday through email.

Mr Driscoll said he was motivated by Campbell Newman’s response to Clive Palmer’s bipolar “slur”.


“Your quoted response when Bipolar disorder slurs were made in the context of political attacks included, “… insensitive comments show a total lack of empathy towards people who are actually dealing with the condition,” he wrote.

“Mr Premier, I could not agree more as one of the many Queenslanders who battle Bipolar daily and now implore you to follow your own advice and lead by example to improve and not worsen the prospects for sufferers.”

Mr Driscoll’s announcement did not alter Mr Newman’s view that the people of Redcliffe should have “proper representation in parliament”, however he did soften his words.

Mr Newman said his previous comments regarding Mr Driscoll, where he accused him of “gaming” the parliamentary absenteeism system and said he wanted him “out” of parliament, were made “with the knowledge that I had” at the time and he was “digesting” Mr Driscoll’s admission.

But he said his former LNP colleague had been given a “fair go”.

“He has been given every consideration and the record demonstrates that I gave him and the party team gave him, every consideration for many months and indeed, some commentators suggested we should have been much tougher, much earlier on,” Mr Newman said.

“I have said continually that everyone deserves a fair go and he was definitely given a fair go.”

Mr Driscoll said Mr Newman should have “picked up the telephone to enquire about my actual medical condition” as he would have “been more than willing to discuss it without you in a positive manner”.

Mr Driscoll has maintained his innocence in regards to all wrong doing.

But he said his “specialist psychiatrist” has recommended against his appearing in front of the parliamentary ethics committee, which is investigating Mr Driscoll’s interest register.

“… due to my condition, she has firmly instructed that I am obviously not in a position to provide evidence to the committee, which would otherwise potentially stand to defend and completely vindicate my position,” Mr Driscoll wrote.

Mr Newman said the ethics committee would make its own determination.

I personally hold no faith in the Queensland Government’s ‘Ethics Committee’ as the Independence has been removed and, the original Chair under Campbell Newman was quickly sacked for criticising the Premier.

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My Politics. It’s just a jump to the Left.

When got myself involved in politics in the early 90’s, I was staunchly Conservative. Twenty years later, I have watched Australia’s conservative politics destroy everything and anything in their way.

Sell it all. Private profits first and last. Who cares if people without money cannot afford essential services? – Oh look, look at how Christian we are. We love Jesus and all he spoke about.

All my shifting to the Left started about three years ago.

Three years ago because I watched the Australian Liberal Party and National Party become an embodiment of evil. The Tea Party was set up in Australia. They took over and now everything is about money and hatred.

They hate the poor. They hate the disabled. They hate non-Christians. They hate non-heterosexuals. They hate you if you are not wealthy.

Now they are about to fully privatise every service for people who are disabled. Only wealthy people will have access to viable disability services.

The recently elected Abbott Government campaigned on hate. They called the female Prime Minister a bitch, a witch, and they got up and politicised her father within a week of her father’s death.

Now that they inflamed the divisions of race and religion, Australia has seen a sudden burst of violence in public. People being verbally abused on buses and trains. Even a white skinned French woman was racially abused and told to go home. That bus receiving a smashed window in the process.

Most recently, we have had an act of physical violence against people for being Jewish.

What has happened to Australia? I am deeply ashamed. It makes me sad.

I have now moved over the Left but not a supporter of any ideology. They’re just as hate ridden as the Christian Right.

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The Abbott’s Arrogance With Media and the People


Hon. Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration

Australia has quickly become a nation of secrets since the election of the Abbott Government. Media keep finding themselves being barred from asking about issues regarding asylum seekers including matters of importance such as ‘self harm’.

All Government Departments have been banned from using the term ‘asylum seekers’ and must use terms that reflect asylum seekers as criminals. The media and the people of Australia are not even allowed to know what nationality the asylum seekers are. The whole thing has become a military operation with a 3 Star General appointed to run the program to deal with asylum seekers.

Journalist, Laurie Oaks is a well respect journalist across Australia. He is an admitted supporter of the Australian Labor Party but his journalism is always fair, willing to criticise the mob of his liking. That is a true journalist.

On another occasion, when the briefing included no mention of any asylum seeker vessels in distress during the preceding week, a journalist asked: “Can we assume from that there was no rescue?”

Morrison again showed his interest in keeping the public accurately informed with the reply: “You can make whatever assumptions that you like.”


THEN there was the day he was asked if there had been any suicides or self-harm among asylum seeker detainees since the Coalition took office.


“Those matters are within the typical reporting arrangements that come up to us through my own department and we’ll be reviewing those statistics and we’ll come back to you on those arrangements,” the minister said. That gobbledygook prompted this exchange:


Journalist: “Given these briefings only happen once a week, shouldn’t you know whether self-harm attempts have occurred?”

Morrison: “The presumption of your question is wrong.”

Journalist: “How?”

Morrison: “Well, you are presuming I don’t. Next.”


So he knew but wasn’t saying. A week later, detainees’ self-harm was added to the list of “operational matters” that can’t be discussed.


Morrison is a new minister enjoying the novelty of power a little too much. Abbott should have a word in his ear.


When will Australian voters wake up?

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Stop Pointing At Nazis and Commies.

I’m sick and tired of hearing the West pointing at the negatives of the Nazis and Commies. Yes, atrocities happened but do you know the difference between them our modern lot in our Western nations?

Those living in Nazi and Communist Regimes were mostly compelled by violence to commit inhumane actions, to join certain organisations such as Hitler Youth. Unlike here in the West where we can just quit. Yep, we can just resign from the job. We have the ability to stop what we are doing and stand together in mass and say that we won’t tolerate it any more without being run over by tanks.

Do we do that? Nope. We create reasons to not say no. We try to take the higher moral ground by arguing that should do the same as those we vilify and we ridicule and cast scorn on those who have the spine to stand up for what is right by referring to them as Communists and other labels all because they understand what humanity is about. We support treating whole groups of people in a way that we would scream blue murder were it done to us, our own skin colour, religious folk, sexuality, wealth status, etc.

That is the key difference. Who is of the biggest evil now?

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Abbott Government uses Wikipedia, not scientists


Hon. Greg Hunt – Minister for the Environment


Just when you thought that the recently elected Abbott led conservative Government could not get more embarrassing, the Minister for the Environment, the Honourable Greg Hunt has admitted to using Wikipedia to research bushfires and global warming and its relationship.

Now, I am personally skeptical of the argument that no global warming equal no bushfires for Australia is a very dry place known for its bushfire, droughts and flooding. We should not blame every bit of weather on ‘Climate Change’ as many like too.

That said, here we have a Government that is removing much needed funding from medical and environmental sciences, who have also abolished the Ministerial Portfolio of Science that uses Wikipedia for their research relating to the environmental science of bushfire and climate change. Greg Hunt tries to argue that he went to Wikipedia to see what people think overseas believe but that is not how you determine the point of view of people around the world. That is not the role of Wikipedia.

It seems that the Government, led by their Scholar, Prime Minister Abbott need to learn, understand and accept that Universities do not accept Wikipedia as a research tool for a very good reason. It is not reliable.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has hosed down suggestions of a link between climate change and increased bushfire intensity, saying he had ”looked up what Wikipedia” said and it was clear that bushfires in Australia were frequent events that had occurred during hotter months since before European settlement.

We in Australia are doomed to a miserable existence while this mob are in control.

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott endorses genocide. Dissenters not welcome in Australia.


I am literally shocked. I am feeling angry, upset, dismayed, furious, ashamed to be Australian, etc today as the Australian Prime Minister tells the World that Australia endorses the tactics used by Indonesia in West Papua and that those we protest are not welcome in Australia.

When I was a student in the Queensland University of Technology(QUT) in Brisbane, one of my sociology courses that studied Human Rights saw us having to watch stories of how Indonesian Authorities treat people who they do not like. Behaviour including taking a young baby from its mother who was held still at gunpoint and made to watch her little baby have boiling water poured over it, then watch poor bubs die a slow painful death. Following forcing the village to leave the baby out on the ground for hours on end.

We saw actual footage of violence committed and this is what the Australian Prime Minister is endorsing, declaring terrorism. Tony Abbott is right. It is terrorism but people like Tony Abbott are the terrorists.

It’s been 12 years since I watched that footage and I still occasionally see the violence play out in my head.

Here we have a Government who declares to be of staunch Christian moral values. They announced while Opposition that they will abolish the laws covering discrimination. To endorse genocide, torture and other activities, to declare that those opposed are not welcome in Australia and to promise to abolish anti discrimination laws has me frightened as to what this mob has got in place for Australia.

People like Prime Minister Tony Abbott and those in his team including, Scott Morrison have demonstrated to me that they would have been impressive members of the Hitler Youth organisation going from their amoral behaviour.

Tony Abbott has called for only people of Christian values to be allowed in Australia. Scott Morrison has called for all asylum seekers to be publicly registered like sex criminals. Cori Bernardi compares homosexuality to that of raping an animal. These people are evil and yet they are so popular in Australia.

I am ashamed to be Australian. What has happened to this beautiful nation. I think I want to remove and renounce my citizenship.

TONY Abbott says activists who want to “grandstand” against Indonesia are not welcome in Australia.

The Prime Minister today reiterated his support for Indonesia’s sovereignty over West Papua while insisting three activists who breached the walls of the Australian consulate in Bali left the compound voluntarily.

The three men – Rofinus Yanggam, Markus Jerewon, and Yuvensius Goo – climbed the walls of the consulate in the early hours of yesterday morning to highlight claims of abuse and ill-treatment of West Papuans in the restive Indonesian province.

The men, who hoped to gain the attention of world leaders in Bali for the APEC summit, left the compound before 7am but it has since been alleged they were threatened with arrest by Australian Consul-General Brett Farmer.

Mr Abbott today insisted the activists left of their own accord after a “lengthy discussion” and warned Australia would not be party to protests aimed at undermining Indonesia’s authority over West Papua.

“We have a very strong relationship with Indonesia and we are not going to give people a platform to grandstand against Indonesia,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the APEC summit.

“And people seeking to grandstand against Indonesia, please, don’t look to do it in Australia. You are not welcome.”

Mr Yanggam claimed consular officials threatened to call the Indonesian military unless the trio of protesters left.

“We don’t accept you to stay here. If you stay here for five minutes, I will call the Indonesian army to come and take you out”, Mr Yanggam quoted Australian officials as saying.


– See more at:


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