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Born Again Helicopter Parent

I’m a Born Again Helicopter Parent. That makes me better than the usual hoverers who are not doing enough to protect the children. We need to take the next several leaps up to protect our children so I’m lobbying that all babies have their limbs cut off at birth.

The arms so they can’t pick things up and put them in their mouths, etc. And legs so they can’t run around and fall over.

It’s best to be safe.

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Alternate School Notes

I’ve personally grown bored of writing the same notes my children’s teachers so for this week, I have penned with the almighty power of the computer keyboard, backed up by Mr Printer, notes for school.

The first is regarding sending one of my children to school minus her school uniform;

(Name) has been sent to school without the wearing of school clothes due to unfriendly weather and due to the poor memory of a parent who did not bring the cottons inside before the clouds wept.

The second note was written for my eldest who spent a day at home due to being unable to make it to school due to heavy rain;

(Name) was absent from school for the one day only on 11 November. I would like to say it was because she was out on a long trek covering the coastline of the Australian Continent. Sadly, I cannot. (Name) was away from school because the magical folding stick that scares the rain from a weeping cloud from her cranium went missing. As the cloud and all his friends wept with much harmony, we allowed her to stay at home to prevent becoming soggy as a biscuit in the bottom of a tea cup.

The God of Staying at Home spoke that day. A missing alert was declared for the magical folding stick, a search party was sent forth where a successful team returned with magical stick joyously welcomed back with much glee.

I feel better now.

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Family Day Out at Wollongong


We went for a day out with my wife’s father on the weekend at Wollongong. Wollongong is at the south coast of Sydney, about two hours drive south of Sydney. And the children got to be spoiled by their grandfather.

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Dementor Attack – Halloween 2013

We have a very basic set up for Halloween tonight. This is one of the first things seen. A Dementor from Happy Potter. First visitor responded with a scream.

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Insane Anti Graffiti – Chalking Laws


NSW Police – Serious Chalking Crime Investigation

Here in Australia, we must be traveling well when it comes to matters of crime. We keep hearing about Police being understaffed in the number of Beat Police but with the laws being introduced by one conservative Government after another that gives Police the lawful power to control the most little and craziest of things, Australia must be doing well.

In Queensland, their conservative State Government has created laws where politicians and/or the Police Commissioner can just list any group as being criminal organisations without a single argument offered in the Court system. The laws are so loosely written that even Police Officers in their uniform sharing the same markings can be listed as criminals.

Many people fear this law will be turned against political opponents of the State Government who has already written an Industrial Law which effectively muzzles them. Now there are reports of this Liberal National Party(LNP), some of their members and/or supporters that the activists against CSG and fracking should be listed as criminal organisations.


Hopscotch chalked on bitumen

Now we have in the State of New South Wales(NSW), the Liberal National Government under the helm of, Premier Barry O’Farrell who has moved to see laws against graffiti written so loosely that a child will be committing a criminal offense for merely using chalk on the footpath. If you are like me and rent your home, they cannot use chalk on any concrete, bitumen, etc on the property or even the driveway.

The State Government’s Attorney-General has assured that while this is a reality, Police will have the discretion to decide for themselves. The problem I have with this, is that Police will have another little non-matter to have people criminally punished when they can’t get them on anything serious. Or worse, as an act of revenge or power tripping.

This law, so loosely written that I hope people challenge having their City Council charged under these laws for graffiti under the new Chalk Law where a Parking Inspector marks the tyres of their car.

Our politicians are power hungry. We are watching megalomaniacs taking control of every facet of our lives by making all of us criminals. Even children whose childhood has quickly become a criminal activity.

Young hopscotch aficionados could become unwitting criminals under proposed new anti-graffiti laws in New South Wales.

The legislation, which has been introduced to the NSW Parliament, makes it an offence to intentionally mark any premises or other property without the permission of the owner.

Greens MP David Shoebridge says there is no requirement in the legislation for a mark to be permanent or difficult to remove.

He says that means it will technically outlaw things like chalk hopscotch squares or handball courts drawn on footpaths or bitumen.

“Unless the kids get the consent of the local council they’re committing an offence,” Mr Shoebridge said.

“This Government is going to be putting on the statute books laws that make it an offence not just for kids to chalk a hopscotch court on the footpath, but for Mr Stace to have chalked ‘Eternity’, or for a street artist to put a rainbow crossing on the road.

“This will now all become criminal activity. If children get caught by police they’ll be facing a $440 fine. Now that’s just nonsense.”

Attorney-General Greg Smith has downplayed the impact of the new legislation while apparently acknowledging that drawing in chalk will technically be an offence.

He says police always have discretion about whether to lay charges and he considers it unlikely they would charge children for chalking up hopscotch squares.

Facebook Protest page:

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Malala – Her Message on Education for the World


Malala Yousafzai

Shot in the head by the Taliban to shut her up on education, the female gender and every other issue raised, Malala Yousafzai spoke at the United Nations to call not for hate nor war against “terrorists” but to push education to be given for every child regardless of gender around the world.

Watching the video, one gets a sense of just how strong willed and highly ambitious Malala Yousafzai is. Such drive will see her reaching the dazzling heights of international politics to push what she believes in.

One of the many things I admire about Malala is that after her friends and herself were shot by the Taliban, she did not allow herself to be bullied into silence and she didn’t take up the offer of moving to nations such as America for the safety of herself and her family. Instead, Malala is standing firm with her feet firmly on the soil on which she belongs too where she can continue her fight for what she believes is the right fight to take on.

I believe that there are many politicians in countries like Australia, America and the UK who have a lot to learn from Malala Yousafzai who is pushing for every child have access to free education for education is power. Empowerment is power. Those who seek to remove such empowerment have something personal to gain and human rights are never attached. Sadly, the three nations mentioned have not been kind to education for any child but those who were born into wealth.

Go fight, Malala!


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